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Summer Camps 2018 Registration Is Now Open

Space is limited to 8 students per class, register early. Location: Shoreline College.

We believe that teaching programming at the beginning of learning should be based on understanding of low-level details. All the code should be built from scratch without third party libraries. Students learn to build their own libraries of reusable code. Later on, after building a solid foundation, libraries are used to enhance code.

Beginner C#
Students will be introduced to the exciting world of .Net and will learn basic programming skills with C#. No prior experience necessary.
Intermediate C#
We will be focusing on learning object-oriented principles and applying data structures such as stacks, queues and lists. Knowledge of basic C# concepts is necessary.
C# and Databases
Students will learn basics of database logical and phisical design, and foundation of SQL by working with SQLServer and C#.
Beginner JavaScript
The camp will teach basic programming skills with JavaScript. No prior experience necessary.
Video Games with JavaScript
Essential game programming techniques as animation, collision detection, velocity and others will be introduced through games. Some JavaScript experience necessary.